Repair Procedures

1. Estimate Prepared

2. Owner Authorizes Repair Work

3. Insurance is Negotiated

4. Parts Ordered and Received

5. Vehicle Scheduled for Repairs

6. Vehicle is Disassembled and Inspected

7. Supplement Report Written and Approved (as-needed)

8. Additional Parts Ordered (as-needed)

9. Body and Structural Repairs are Done

10. Priming and Corrosion Protection is Applied

11. New Parts are Prepped and Installed

12. Vehicle is Washed and Cleaned Chemically

13. Multi-Step Refinishing Process is Done

14. Vehicle is Moved to Down Draft Baking Booth

15. Vehicle Reassembly, Wheel Alignment, Detailing and Road Test is Done

16. Customer Notified of Project Completion


Our Mission

“Providing Customer Satisfaction Since 1968”

Our Values

• Integrity
• Honesty
• Legendary Service


North Dixie Body Shop