:: Frame & Computerized Frame Dimensions

  • Kar Grabber frame rack
  • Clamps capable of properly pulling light trucks and SUV’s
  • Hein Werner Shark computerized dimensioning system capable of performing before and after measurements

:: Welding, Bonding & Seam Sealing

  • MIG welders
  • 3M panel bonding, undercoating, and sealer & adhesives
  • All aftermarket parts are pre-fi tted before painting to
    ensure fit

:: High Tech Exterior Detailing

:: High Class Interior Detailing

  • We offer the highest quality interior detailing to give vehicles a showroom appearance
  • Our detailing professionals are among the best in the industry and have worked on vehicles shown at major sanctioned car show events
  • Learn more about our detailing here

:: Towing Service – Provided by Saunders Towing

  • On-demand towing service
  • Reasonable rates
  • Wide coverage area

:: Paintless Dent Removal – Provided by Caldwell’s PDR

  • Most dents removed without painting
  • Quick turn-around

:: Auto Glass Installation – Provided by Mel’s Auto Glass

  • Fast installation of most windshields and glass


North Dixie Body Shop